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Marijuana Doctors Removes The Barriers For Entry Into The Medical Marijuana Market For Both Doctors and Patients

Thanks to the converging factors of the DEA widening research into medical Marijuana treatment as well as booming demand for its patient application, market conditions have never been more favorable for informed doctors to take advantage of both the health benefits as well as the financial benefits that medical marijuana imparts. 

However, despite these obvious benefits, the problem- heretofore- in becoming a registered medical marijuana provider for most doctors has been the high barrier for entry in accessing consumers in their area who are actively seeking local and specialized medical Marijuana treatment centers. 

Add to this the jig saw puzzle of different state laws, policies, and consumer confusion, and what you have is a powerful market that doctors could theoretically tap to high avail, but that has laid dormant due primarily to the thorny roadblocks that make both doctor and consumer navigation nearly impossible. 

However, if this jig saw puzzle could be unraveled, and an efficient, transparent navigation system was set up for doctors and patients alike, then this huge market could be tapped for the mutual benefit of both doctors and consumers. 

Such was the underlying thought process behind executives Jason Draizin and Vincent Donadio’s concept Marijuana Doctors, which has emerged over the past few years to become the gold-standard director for sound, safe, and legal medical Marijuana prescriptions.

One by one, Marijuana Doctors has tackled all of the issues that previously made navigation to doctors inaccessible. Marijuana Doctors has instituted localized targeting to inform consumers of both local laws/policies pertaining to medical marijuana treatments and they have provided a directory of doctors in said areas who can prescribe if patients meet the requirements. Furthermore, they have become an industry-wide educational force for doctors and patients alike to update them on both the latest policy changes in effect in their area as well as scientific advancements not just in marijuana therapy but also in therapy pertaining to other relatives such as CBD and Hemp. 

Thus for consumers, the platform offers a hermitically sealed, airtight navigation system they can rely on for easy and efficient treatments. And for doctors, the barrier for entry into the fruitful medical marijuana market has been drastically lowered, as Marijuana Doctors sends them direct leads their way from localized, in demand consumers to set up paid consultations. 

Deborah Blum

Deborah Blum is an American journalist working for Clout News covering famous influencers, artists and celebrities.

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