How Much Money Was Spent To Organize Twitch Sh*tcamp 2021?

The Sh*tcamp 2021 was a grand success. The annual event saw many Twitch streamers coming together for partying and taking part in various challenges.

QTCinderella announced plans for a Twitch Shitcamp event back in September 2021. Streamers such as xQc, Mizkif, Ludwig, Sodapoppin, Myth, and many others attended the event.

Now, the streamer QTCinderella has also revealed the amount of money invested to pull off a grand event of this scale. The event saw streamers pitted against one another in exciting challenges.

Sh*tcamp 2021 Best Moments

Pokimane called xQc the hottest Twitch streamer during Sh*tcamp 2021 and there was lots of other fun things that happened until the last day of the event.

From a PJ Party to a huge Kickball tournament, Sh*tcamp was incredibly popular among Twitch viewers and left everyone wanting more by the time the event came to an end on September 30.

After the event came to an end, QTCinderella sat down in an October 4 stream to detail out the costs associated with the Sh*tcamp 2021.

The Event Was Over Budget

Initially the event had a planned budget of under $20,000, but the organizers went way over the spending limit. QTCinderella revealed that the whole Sh*tcamp 2021 event costed $60,000 to setup.

“All in all, the entire thing cost about, without Kickball it cost about $60k,” she said. “My goal was for it to cost $20k, but so much stuff got added”.

QTCinderella revealed that making money was not the prime objective of the event rather the goal was to have a good time and entertain the fans.

Fans showered immense love and appreciation for the event. Twitch streamer xQc has already started planning for the next year’s Sh*tcamp and fans cannot wait to see streamers reunite once again for the massive event.

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