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Host of Pakistan Super League PSL – Musaddiq Munir

If you are in a stadium to see a match of PSL. Definitely with the match you will hear some great hosting in ground by the talented host Musaddiq Munir.

The Person who mesmerize audience with his speaking skills and of course hosting skills and crowd loved his performance. Because of this person you will enjoy the match more. In a recent interview with Musaddiq Munir, he told us about his journey that how he started his career with Pakistan Cricket Board and also with Pakistan Super League. In 2018 there were the finals of National Cup of Pakistan Cricket organized by Pakistan Cricket Board and they invited Musaddiq Munir over there for the trial of his hosting in the final match.

Mr Munir said he went over there and give a master performance of his first trial. He said he gave very perfect performance. As a reward of his performance Pakistan Cricket Board gave him the contract of 3 International matches between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. He gave his performance again and crowd and the officials of Pakistan Cricket Board loved his performance. After these three International Matches once again Pakistan Cricket Board gave him the contract of National Cup of Pakistan Cricket which was held in Faisalabad.

It was going great and there was a time of Pakistan Super League in 2020 Once again Pakistan Cricket Board gave him the whole Pakistan Super League Hosting Contract and he did that very well which was held in Lahore, Karachi, Multan and Rawalpindi. Furthermore in the meantime again he hosted Pakistan Super League in 2021 which was held in Karachi and then in Dubai. Musaddiq Munir a young and emerging talent of Pakistan


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