His Underwear That BTS Jungkook Showed In His Latest Live Sold Out On Calvin Klein Website

BTS Jungkook is not only a talented singer, dancer, and producer, but also a powerful influencer in the fashion industry. As the global ambassador for Calvin Klein Jeans and Underwear, he has proven his ability to create buzz and drive sales for the American brand with his charisma and charm.

On April 8th, Jungkook surprised his fans with a live broadcast on Weverse, where he casually chatted with them about various topics. One of the highlights of the broadcast was when he showed his collection of Calvin Klein underwear and folded them neatly in front of the camera. Fans joked that he was doing a “PR” for the brand, as he is currently their ambassador.

The live broadcast attracted millions of viewers, who were amazed by Jungkook’s casual yet captivating display of his underwear. Many fans commented on how handsome and adorable he looked, and how he made them want to buy Calvin Klein products. Some even called him the “King of PR” and the “Best Ambassador” for the brand.

As a result of Jungkook’s live broadcast, the MODERN COTTON TRUNKs that he wore and showed sold out on Calvin Klein’s website in various countries.

This shows how influential Jungkook is as a fashion icon and a trendsetter, as well as how loyal his fans are to support him and his endorsements.

Jungkook became the global ambassador for Calvin Klein Jeans and Underwear in March 2023, joining other celebrities like Michael B. Jordan, Kendall Jenner, Jennie of Blackpink, FKA Twigs, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Jungkook’s first campaign for Calvin Klein was released in April 2023, featuring him in various denim looks. The campaign was praised for showcasing his natural beauty, charisma, and versatility as a model. He also participated in interviews, where he revealed that he felt nervous to see himself on a billboard for Calvin Klein, but that he was happy that his friends and fans liked it.

Jungkook’s underwear-folding session was not only a cute and funny moment for his fans, but also a smart and effective way to show his influence as a Calvin Klein ambassador. He demonstrated how he can effortlessly make anything look good and appealing, even something as simple as underwear.

Jungkook is truly a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry, as he has the power to create trends and drive sales with his charisma and charm. He is not only a singer, dancer, and producer, but also a fashion icon and influencer who can make anything look good.


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