Here’s Why People Are Annoyed With Cara Delevingne Right Now

What is Cara Delevingne doing? Why is she doing what she’s doing, is all people are talking about on Social Media after her bizzare stint at the recent Billboard Music Awards.

Strange video clips have emerged online showing actress and model Cara Delevingne’s weird behaviour at yesterday’s Billboard Music Awards.

It all started on the red carpet, when fans noticed that Delevingne’s visage kept cropping up in the background when members of the press were photographing Meg. She even assisted with Megan’s dress train while taking shots on the red carpet.

Cara and Megan were even sitting next to each other at the event, so whenever the camera focused on Megan, Cara was right there. Doja Cat sat just in front of the two, and fans were living for every Meg and Doja moment while wishing Cara wasn’t there.

Megan also appeared to gently shade her plus-one for the night on social media, uploading a photo on Instagram that had been modified by a fan on twitter to remove Delevingne from the centre of the picture.

Cara’s wild behaviour didn’t stop with Megan Thee Stallion; she was also seen lying on the floor inside the event to picture Doja Cat, Fat Joe, and DJ Khaled.

Below are some of the reactions from twitter:

“just woke up from a 5 year coma i can’t wait to see what my two favorite celebrities ezra miller and cara delevingne are up to”, “please stop blaming cara delevingne’s behavior on coke use. there’s another stronger force contributing to her antic disposition: Bisexuality”, “who ever is cara delevingne’s coke dealer should be sued for mass societal emotional distress”, “As someone with major boundary issues, seeing Cara Delevingne just all up in people’s business is giving me lots of second-hand embarrassment/anxiety lol”, “We ever gonna talk about white lesbians fetishizing Black women? Cara Delevingne ain’t no rare breed.”, “Cara Delevingne’s behavior so greatly outweighs anything embarrassing I’ve ever done that I think she cured my anxiety”.

Delevingne has been primarily solo since her breakup with previous lover Ashley Benson in 2020. She was seen kissing Sienna Miller in January, although the two are simply friends, according to sources.

Megan also announced openly in 2020 that she is also attracted to women.

“I’m a free agent on the ladies side,” she said in an Instagram Live. “I’m looking for a new girlfriend if anybody trying to be a hot girl. I like petite tings with tattoos, that’s my type.”

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