Here's One More Reason Why Kohli Respects Dhoni So Much

Here’s One More Reason Why Kohli Respects Dhoni So Much

Virat Kohli is back in form again as he scored a scintillating knock of 60 against Pakistan in the second clash against arch-rivals. Kohli looked in great touch, middling the ball more often not. He also used his wrists brillantly to send the ball into the crowd. It seems like the 30 days break Kohli took from touching his bat has brought with a fresher mindset. Apart from his knock, Kohli also made news for his post-match comments.

Kohli was asked how did he deal with his recent low phase, where he lost all his captaincy positions. His response was full of raw honesty and sincerity. He revealed how Dhoni was the only player to reach out to him. No other big names tried to contact Kohli and ease him. However, many of those players were sharing suggestions and opinions on the matter on TV and cricket shows.

Naturally, Kohli was hurt by this and said that it gave him a better perspective of the things that really matter to him. Kohli has been in a different zone than his usual space. He has talked a lot more about mental health and prioritizing his peace. While Kohli fans do want their idol to be back to his potential best, no one would be happy to see Kohli struggling mentally. Here’s what Kohli revealed that much of the cricketing community wanted to know.

Reason Why Kohli Calls Dhoni His ‘Elder Brother’

“Let me tell you one thing: when I left Test captaincy, I got a message from only one person, with whom I had played previously; that was MS Dhoni,” Kohli said. “Many people have my number. On TV, people give lots of suggestions, people have a lot to say. But none of the people who had my number sent me a message.

That respect [with Dhoni], that connection you have with someone, when it is genuine, it shows like this, because there is no insecurity with either of us. Neither does he [Dhoni] need anything from me, nor do I need anything from him. Neither of us suffers from insecurity. I can only say: if I want to say something to someone, I reach out to that person individually if I want to help.

I mean, if you give the suggestions in front of the world, it has no value for me. If it is for my improvement, you can talk with me one-on-one, (tell me) that I genuinely want you to do well. I live life with a lot of honesty, so I can see through such things. I am not saying that it doesn’t matter to me, but you see the real thing. I can only say that. When you play for such a long time, when you play with honesty, the only one who looks out for you is the almighty. Until I play, until I am worthy of playing, I will play this way.”

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