Here Is Why “ALICE Apologize To Wonyoung” Is Trending

Chaejeong and Yeonje of the girl group ALICE are under criticism for making fun of IVE’s Jang Wonyoung on a variety program.

On the Korean variety program The Manager, Chaejeong and Yeonje made a guest appearance. The girls were observed eating strawberries with both hands in a behind-the-scenes clip.

Additionally, K-pop fans questioned whether the two members of ALICE’s were making fun of IVE’s Jang Wonyoung, who had previously made a guest appearance on the show and gained attention for chewing her strawberries in a similar way.

Fans of IVE Wongyoung are furious and claim that the ALICE members intentionally made fun of the Love Dive vocalist. Following this, the phrase “ALICE apologise to Wonyoung” has been trending on social media.

IVE’s Wonyoung made an appearance on the Korean variety show The Manager a few months back, when the singer gained attention for devouring a strawberry with both hands. She explained that the strawberry was a large berry when questioned about why she had eaten it in that way. She said that she wasn’t being sweet on purpose as she nibbled on it with both hands.

She was intentionally attempting to be likeable and cute, according to some online users, while variety show material, according to others. Nevertheless, Wonyoung’s strawberry-eating video became viral, inspiring other content producers to create spoof versions of it.

 DaeraDaera, the developer of TikTok, even published a video that was apparently criticising the vocalist of the band Love Dive’s strawberry eating habit, for which she was forced to issue an apology to the group’s followers.

A few months later, ALICE’s Yeonje and Chaejeong have helped the strawberry-eating event get attention once more. The two actors can be seen smiling and joking while eating strawberries in one of the behind-the-scenes footage.

Following this, some Wonyoung fans assumed that the two members of ALICE were making fun of the Love Dive singer and her widely publicised strawberry-eating episode. Even more, they sought an apology from Yeonje and Chaejeong to the idol for making fun of her in their video.


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