HBO’s The Last Of Us Pilot Episode Has Wrapped Filming News

HBO’s The Last Of Us Pilot Episode Has Wrapped Filming

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September 1, 2021

HBO’s highly anticipated adaptation of The Last of Us has officially wrapped. The popular video game franchise from Naughty Dog Has been the talk over the years as the feature film turned into reality. However, when it became increasingly likely that the series will make its way to the big screen, Neil Druckman, the creator decided that things were too budget heavy and pulled back.

For some time, the possibility of there not being a feature film based on The Last of Us surfaced. But fans got new material as they could play the really great 2020 sequel The Last Of Us Part II. However, it became clear that a TV series was on its way and it was going to be set up on one of the strongest platforms, HBO.

The filming for the 10-episode season kicked off in Canada and there is not much information about the same. It is unknown how similar it will be to the original game but what has been witnessed on the sets have been very familiar. One good thing is fans don’t have to worry about the pilot episode when it comes to an IP like The Last of Us.

They already know the story behind Joel and Ellie’s journey and what is in store for them as an audience. A strong pilot will definitely assure many that the series is on the right track. Kantemir Balagov, the episode’s director has recently revealed that filming of the pilot is now complete.

The beginning of the game introduces the life that Joel enjoyed before the societal collapse. This was brought by the mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus. The death of the character’s daughter is explained, however, fans think that the pilot episode will focus on their relationship. It is an important part of who the character is and it needs explaining but the real stuff comes in with the depiction of Runners, Stalkers and Clickers.

It is hard to say if series like The Last of Us will be a guaranteed hit. However, it can be the next closest thing to a guaranteed hit because when it comes to adapting something so loved, it gets tough.