Is Romantic Drama Series ‘Virgin River’ Coming Back To Netflix For Season 4?

Virgin River has been a fan favorite through the years! With each passing season, the drama and the storyline of the show gets crispier and better!

While three seasons of Virgin River already streaming on Netflix (with the third one released just a month ago), the Virgin River team has geared up to come back for season 4.

No Official Renewal From Netflix

According to industry reports, the filming for Virgin River season 4 has commenced in Vancouver, Canada. But wait a minute? Did Netflix renew the series?

The answer is ‘Not Yet’. There has been no official renewal confirmation from Netflix so far but it is believed to come any day now.

The second and third season of Virgin River were renewed by Netflix ahead of the season debut. Virgin River season 3 had already begun filming when season 2 wasn’t even released.

This shows the popularity and influence that the show commands on then platform. Hence, a smooth renewal wouldn’t surprise the critics.

Story Line Of Virgin River

About the plot of Virgin River, it is a romantic drama genre series. The story line revolves around Mel, a young midwife and nurse practitioner who moves out of the big city to a small rustic town in Northern California.

Leading up to the fourth season, we have seen Mel introduced to a myriad of different people in the past throughout the three seasons!


As per Top 10, Virgin River has stayed in the top 10 list for 75 days. The season three of the show managed the top #1 rank for about two weeks before dropping somewhere in the middle of top #10 later on.

Tim Matheson who plays Vernon Doc said that filming was due to begin “any day now” in an interview with Lauren Morris.

Nielsens top 10s also ranked the series the number 1 watched series between July 12th and July 18th with 2,109 million minutes watched during that week beating out Manifest(on Netflix) and Loki (on Disney+).

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