Harry Styles Shares Relationship Advice At Minnesota Concert

Harry Styles naturally leaves everyone smiling but he has recently left his fans smiling wider. The singer is on his Love on Tour and his most recent show was in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

A clip from the concert went viral on Twitter and the songwriter started trending on Twitter. The words, TRASH, TRASH, TRASH was trending on various platforms. He had recently bagged awards at the VMAs which was on September 13. The singer won the award for Best Choreography for Treat People With Kindness.

Harry received backlash for the same and he was also congratulated by fans. The songwriter was attacked by BTS ARMY who were the co-nominees and they believed BTS should deserve the win. When fans saw choreographer Son Sung-Deuk’s presence at the award show, they were convinced they were the winners but the results were shocking for them.

The songwriter had taken a break to talk with his fans in between songs. He answered few questions they wanted to ask him. Harry did not hold back from talking about relationships and even turned into an adviser too. A fan asked him, “Should I text him?” and he gave a piece of advice which led to cheers across the entire arena.

Fans Loved Harry Styles’ Advice

This same chaos was resonated on Twitter as well. Harry shared, “In my opinion, if you should, this isn’t even a question,” he said. He added, “‘Should I text him? Can’t text him too soon? We’re thinking about double texting that’s a whole risk, now he’s thumbed it so technically he was the last to do something but it still feels like a double text if I text him again’, it’s a whole thing.”

The songwriter further added that in his personal opinion, if there are any sort of games- “trash, trash, trash”. This led to thundering applause and a lot of cheers across the venue. Fans will think long and hard about Harry’s relationship advice he shared. His fans on Twitter shared that they are still processing how the singer went from “Pick someone who’s supportive” at a 2014 concert to “Trash, Trash, Trash”.

Some of them tweeted, “Cannot believe I was crying over men today and harry styles said TRASH TRASH TRASH like sir I really needed that”. Another tweeted, “Trash Trash Trash becoming my new catchphrase when telling my friends relationship advice so true thanks harry bestie”.


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