Hailey & Justin Bieber Spark Pregnancy Rumours After Met Gala Gesture

The Met Gala is in the news even though the event was on September 13. The event had Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber coming in a simple attire along with most A-listers.

The singer was wearing a Maison Drew suit while Hailey was donning a classic black gown from Saint Laurent. However, it wasn’t their fashion sense that made the noise as Twitter users notices a moment between the two which seemingly suggested that the model is pregnant.

The couple were talking on the red carpet as they posed for the paparazzi. At one point, Justin placed his hand on Hailey’s midriff which she moved away. This moment caught the attention of fans as they think this could mean something. A fan tweeted that when Justin did that Hailey said “don’t make it so obvious” and speculated if this means she is pregnant.

Another fan wondered if they are pregnant because of that pose. Users thought it was funny that Hailey took Justin’s hand away to avoid the pregnancy rumours. Another user said all they see is a pregnancy announcement. Although the Biebers haven’t addressed these rumours yet, they have managed to deny them.

Hailey was spotted leaving an after-party with a liquor bottle in her hand which led some fans to drop their allegations. The couple has had similar rumours surrounding them before as well. Earlier this year, Justin shared a post on Instagram with a caption that read, “mom and dad”.

This erupted the internet as fans believed they made a subtle pregnancy announcement. However, Hailey quickly shut it down as she commented on the post. The model said, “I think u should maybe change this caption to *Dog Mom and Dad* before anyone gets it twisted.” As per reports, the couple is enjoying their time being married and are in no rush to have kids.

An insider revealed, “Of course, they have talked about their future and building a family together someday, but both of them are busy with work right now, and Hailey really wants to build up her YouTube channel. The two of them are very supportive of each other.”

After Hailey and Justin’s rumours, Rihanna also got swirled into them. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky sparked speculation solely because of the singer’s voluminous coat dress.


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