Guzarish Actress Nafisa Ali Sodhi Expresses Concern About COVID Infecting Young Children News

Guzarish Actress Nafisa Ali Sodhi Expresses Concern About COVID Infecting Young Children

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Time icon April 26, 2021

The second wave of Covid-19 hit close to home to Bollywood Veteran Nifa Ali Sodhi, as it struck her daughter Pia, son-in-law Kshitij Khemka and evn her two-year-old grandson Ayaan contracted the virus.

“My daughter’s whole family has got it and her staff. It seems like it has become contagious. Of course no one has got a vaccine because they are all young people. They were all in the house and they didn’t step out of the house but then one person got it and then everyone got it,” shares Sodhi, while adding that her son-in-law’s uncle died recently due to Covid complications.

Reason For Concern

The Guzaarish actor (2010) feels that just as children are getting infected, so there is another reason for concern.

“They said that children are supposed to be safe. But clearly they are not, my grandchild is infected. So I urge everyone to keep their children safe, everyone should wear a mask. I understand that with kids it is very difficult to make them wear masks but that is what will save us,” shares the 64-year-old.

Sodi, however, is hoping for the best. “I hope theirs will be a mild infection and they will recover from it soon. That is all I pray for, ”she adds.

Nafisa Ali is an Indian actress and politician from Indian National Congress and a social activist. 

‘This Is Worse Than Last Year’

Commenting on the state of affairs in the country due to the lack of medical facilities and the rising death toll, the actor states, “The situation is dire. This is worse than last year and there is a lot of chaos. It is very disturbing and frightening. I don’t know when things will get back to normal. I don’t know how they will protect young children. “

Sodhi says she is currently in Goa and plans to stay there until the Delhi situation improves.

“I have been vaccinated with two injections in Goa. I am in Goa but the whole family is in Delhi. I hope there will be no locks or else I will be trapped in Goa as I was last year. I have to keep working because even if I go to Delhi, I can’t help anyone, I can’t look after anyone because they all live alone, ”she explained.

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