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Giorgia Andriani talks about living with Arbaaz Khan amid lockdown and their marriage!

Bollywood actor and filmmaker Arbaaz Khan has been living with his girlfriend Giorgia Andriani in this lockdown!

Just like so many other couples, Bollywood actor and filmmaker Arbaaz Khan too is spending this lockdown time with his lover. He has been dating Giorgia Andrani, who thinks that their relationship has not undergone any change in this period.

In a recent conversation with Bollywood Hungama she said, “We have already spent a lot of time together in the past so I had already known him very well.”


It has been a few years since the two of them have been dating each other. Hence, there has been speculations about them getting married.

However, the rumours don’t affect Giorgia much as she said, “People may assume whatever they want. But I am quite serene as a person, so if and when that will happen, I would definitely let everybody know. I don’t have any problem with that. In the meantime, they can think whatever they want. I don’t own anybody’s mind.”

Arbaaz Khan had got divorced with Malaika Arora back in the year 2017. Since then he has been dating the Italian model. They have been spotted often attending events and parties together.


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