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PUBG MOBILE 0.18.0 update rollout, many new features added

PUBG Mobile Game 0.18.0 update has come with many major changes. Miramar map of PUBG mobile game has been updated. New locations, hundreds of changes and some new resources have also been added to the map. Vending machines in Miramar are one such addition. This update of PUBG mobile game has brought new weapon. There is also change in UI, new currency and new skin also added. More information on Jungle Adventure Guide, Bluehole Mode in EvoGround, and more is expected soon from the company. It said that the developers have also fixed the problems of many bugs in the game.

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Information regarding update

The new location, new roads in Miramar Map in PUBG Mobile, in addition to a new race track with a new car named Golden Mirado has also been added to the map. This update brings the new Royal Pass Season 13, which will be available next week from Wednesday i.e. May 13.

This train is found only in one place on the map. As we have also seen in the teasers, vending machines have also been added to the Miramar map, from which players can take energy drinks and painkillers. Lingering sandstorm effects have also been added to the Miramar Map, which will repeatedly bring sandy storms into the map.

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