Gigi Hadid & Leonardo DiCaprio Spotted At New York Fashion Week’s After Party

Gigi Hadid & Leonardo DiCaprio are the new rumored couple in Hollywood. As of now they haven’t confirmed dating each other. But multiple reports suggest that they’re seeing each other.

A few days back, Leonardo DiCaprio & Camila Moronne parted ways after dating for almost four years. Many sources close to Leo say that the actor is enjoying his single life. But according to new reports, it doesn’t seem so.

Yesterday, some sources told People news that the duo is getting to know each other. Today a photo of them together has gone viral on the internet. It is the first time that Gigi Hadid & Leonardo DiCaprio are spotted together.


The two of them were spotted at the after-party of New York Fashion Week. Gigi Hadid wore a white crop top with baggy jeans. Whereas Leo wore a black cap and a black T-shirt. The duo was kind of having a conversation. As Leo was seeing whispering in Gigi’s ears. She was listening quite attentively.

An insider also revealed that the Oscar Winning actor is ‘definitely pursuing Gigi Hadid’. It’s known that the two of them are hanging out much but with groups of people. After a few weeks of Leo’s split, he’s been hanging out with his friends and family.

Why did Leo & Camilla Morrone’s Relationship Ended?

It’s known that both of them secretly ended their relationship, this summer, a source close to Leonardo says.

The source also says that the relationship ended at a natural conclusion and ‘there are no bad feelings between them. In November, E! news reported that Leo and Camila’s relationship is ‘getting more serious. But now they both have called it quits.

According to the once upon a time in Hollywood actor’s dating history, it’s known that he hasn’t dated anyone above the age of 25. After hearing the news of the model and the actors splitting, fans reacted to this point and started making memes which are now all over the internet.

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