Gerson “Callmegulliver” Archila is an artist, producer, songwriter and artist manager.

Raised in various regions of the Greater Toronto Area with a Guatemalan background, this quadruple threat brings a blend of Hip hop, Pop, R&B and Latin influence to his music.

Canadian artist Callmegulliver recently released a hit new single called, “Love Like This” featuring Jay Cherr. The track itself has a soulful acoustic vibe that gives you an upbeat summer feel that sucks you in. In the first 30 seconds the listener will be captivated and taken on a trip to a dreamscape where unanswered ends are brought to the light of clarity.

Giving a relatable lyrical story, callmegulliver says “I wrote this song as a form of getting closure in my last relationship. This song explores the theme of closure from 2 perspectives. The first is seeing that person whom you’ve wanted closure from for so long in person, face to face, the first verse explores what that conversation could have looked like. The second is from the perspective of giving someone closure from a distance, as if they were reading this on a postcard. In person it’s a lot harder to not cave into your emotions, whereas from a distance one can properly access a situation and make a decision from there. This is what I learned from the journey of making this song.” Achila has in a unique and genius way bridged the gap between two individuals that have longed and awaited such a time to finally get to the real root of the issues between them. Through his musical imagery, Achilas paints a much more vivid picture for anyone who takes the time to listen to the words of his music.

Even down to the artwork Callmegulliver tells a story which shows an LA skyline representing where the song takes place, while also having a tiny nod to the Quetzal, a bird that is symbolic of freedom. Freedom from all the feelings and freedom to start fresh. This is a key symbol new fans will come to realize. It is vital for people to understand they have that choice, freedom to choose their own destinies.

Callmegulliver is a very creative producer and songwriter hailing from Toronto, Canada and has been making music as a solo artist since 2018 and has worked with other very credible major Canadian artists including, Natasha Fisher and August Brodie. He is currently working on his debut EP. There is currently no set release date but we can certainly expect to be impressed again very soon. For more information please visit the following links below:


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