Gerardo Encinas – Famous Mexican Designer uses NFT’s for his New Clothing Designs

Gerardo Encinas, a well-known Mexican fashion designer based in Columbus, Ohio, has just became the city’s first to introduce his own NFT collections. Encinas is known for designing the most extensive assortment of bridal and red carpet gowns, as well as owning a boutique in Columbus. The 38-year-old designer is attempting to achieve success in all areas and is now focusing on the NFTs. Encinas believes that by using NFT tech, he will be able to reach a wider audience with his creative products.

The NFT market is growing, and designers like Gerardo Encinas are attempting to capitalise on it. NFTs trading, may be the greatest way to develop his business. The designer called Thomas McClure, the CEO of the Columbus Fashion Council, to outline his business plan. McClure has been looking into the NFT market for a while and is excited to back the designer’s Encinas Designs initiative. According to McClure, with his bridal gowns, the designer has a lot to prove in the virtual world.

“But Make it Fashion” was the name of Encinas’ first NFT collection. Each piece’s value and the NFT smart contract are controlled by the owner. According to sources, the NFT pieces start at $100 and go up from there. The Encinas NFT auction will include an extended contract that will store the piece as well as a credit of up to $100 to spend at his Columbus boutique. Encinas will have the support of McClure, a powerful personality in the fashion business. Everyone is urged to join in the NFT auction because it will be honest and maintain its openness and originality. On OpenSea, the top non-fungible token auction platform, Gerardo Encinas’ NFT collection is accessible.

The NFTs are available for 0.0325 ETH, which is around $100 at today’s Ethereum price. However, with the rise of cryptocurrencies, the value of Encinas’ NFT pieces is projected to climb.

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