G-Dragon of BigBang Causes Frenzy Among Fans After Changing Instagram Name To “Daragon”

G-Dragon of BigBang, one of the most influential K-pop artists of all time, has recently changed his Instagram name to “Daragon”, sparking curiosity and excitement among his fans. Daragon is the ship name of G-Dragon and Dara of 2NE1, another legendary K-pop group that disbanded in 2017. Fans have been shipping these two labelmates for years and have been waiting for them to confirm their relationship.

The name change came as a surprise to many, as G-Dragon has not been very active on social media lately. He has been focusing on his career after military service, which he completed in October 2019. He is reportedly focusing on his solo comeback, which is expected to happen soon. Some fans speculated that maybe G-Dragon was hinting at something with his new Instagram name, such as a collaboration with Dara or a confession of his feelings for her.

However, some fans also pointed out that it could be just a typo or a prank, as G-Dragon is known for his playful and mysterious personality. He has not made any official statement about his name change or his relationship status with Dara. In fact, he has never admitted to dating anyone publicly, despite being involved in several dating rumors with various celebrities over the years.

Dara, on the other hand, has also been busy with her solo activities, such as hosting shows, acting in dramas and movies, and releasing music. She has also maintained a close friendship with G-Dragon and other YG artists, often showing her support for them on social media and attending their events. She has also denied dating G-Dragon in the past, saying that they are like siblings who tease each other a lot.

However, fans have noticed that there are many hints and evidence that suggest that there is more than friendship between G-Dragon and Dara. For example, they have collaborated on several songs, such as “Hello”, “Missing You”, and “Crooked”. They have also performed together on stage, showing their chemistry and affection for each other. They have also been spotted wearing matching outfits and accessories, such as rings, hats, and shoes. They have also been seen holding hands, hugging, and kissing each other on the cheek.

When GD and Dara “Kissed”

One of the most iconic moments of Daragon was when G-Dragon allegedly kissed Dara on the head after a BigBang concert in 2017. The video went viral online and made fans go crazy. However, YG Entertainment denied that it was a kiss and said that it was just a joke between friends. Still, fans did not buy it and continued to hope that Daragon would become real someday.

However, not everyone is happy with the Daragon ship. Some fans respect their idols’ privacy and personal choices and do not want to interfere with their love lives.

Whatever the case may be, G-Dragon and Dara are both talented and successful artists who deserve happiness and love. Whether they are dating each other or not, fans should support them and respect their decisions. As long as they are happy, fans should be happy too.


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