Friedman Disclosed That Cody Gave His Parents Tickets To A SmackDown Show In New York

Friedman Disclosed That Cody Gave His Parents Tickets To A SmackDown Show In New York

Is Cody Rhodes now assisting WWE in luring talent away from AEW? WrestleMania 38 saw the return of the American Nightmare to the sports entertainment. At the company’s biggest event of the year, he faced and defeated Seth Freakin Rollins. His promotion labelled the first significant step from All Elite Wrestling to WWE.

AEW legend MJF, whose deal ends in 2024, lately spoke with Rasslin’s Brandon F. Walker about a range of topics. While talking about Rhodes, Friedman disclosed that Cody reportedly offered his parents ticket packages to a SmackDown show in New York while WWE was in town.

We still talk on occasion. Cody Rhodes is a true gentleman. He messaged my parents and decided to offer them tickets to the SmackDown show on Long Island

MJF was exposed. “They were unable to travel. They were occupied, but it was very nice of him. Have you met his child? What a sweet little baby.

Will Cody Rhodes entice MJF to join WWE in 2024?
It’s no surprise that The American Nightmare has a close relationship with MJF, as the two had an epic feud in AEW a few years ago. There was always the possibility that Cody Rhodes will be using his leverage to tempt several AEW big names to join WWE when their contract ends.

MJF has clearly thought of working for WWE, as he told Rasslin’ that he would have great matches with Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and The Miz. I’m guessing. MJF stated, I think me and him would have a fantastic match. I believe it would be a friendly rivalry. I’d also like to face Seth Rollins. I’d like to wrestle The Miz.

What do you think of MJF’s remarks? Do you believe The American Nightmare can entice Friedman aside from All Elite Wrestling in 2024?

Cody’s Surprising Decision To Leave AEW

I’ll never do that again, I’ll never wrestle him again; that night changed my life. I was like, oh god, what do I do now that I’ve left WWE? I was exhausted, I had lost my enthusiasm, but that night I rediscovered it. That was a very special night, possibly the most special night I’d ever had in my career. Everything fell into place; it was story-driven, compelling, and everything you could potentially want from a viewing public to enjoy. Crying, joy, and bleeding were all present. That night, there was a lot of blood.

His brother Cody has dominated wrestling news stories since his return to WWE and continual mentions of his desire to be WWE Champion. Dustin Rhodes discussed his brother’s come back to WWE at WrestleMania 38, as well as his candid reaction to Cody’s surprising decision to leave AEW.


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