First Look At Batgirl Movie Reveals Barbara Gordon's Costume

First Look At Batgirl Movie Reveals Barbara Gordon’s Costume

Barbara Gordon’s new costume for the next film has been revealed by Leslie Grace, star of HBO’s Max’s Batgirl. The film will be Batgirl’s second appearance in a live-action feature film, with the first being Alicia Silverstone’s portrayal of the character in 1997’s Batman & Robin.

Since then, live-action Batman films have tended to shy away from showing the Caped Crusader’s colourful band of young sidekicks, ostensibly because they clashed with the darker conceptions of Batman that have become popular since the turn of the century. Warner Bros. appears to be breaking its unspoken rule now that the DCEU is aiming to expand its cinematic world.

Barbara Gordon’s secret alias is Batgirl, according to DC Comics. Barbara Gordon is the daughter of James Gordon, the commissioner of the Gotham City police department and a longtime friend of Batman. James is usually unaware of his daughter’s second life as a masked vigilante in most renditions of the character. J.K. Simmons has announced that he will reprise his role as Commissioner Gordon in the film, thus he and Grace will most likely have several moments together.

Grace has now shown the entire extent of her Batgirl outfit on Instagram. In the wake of recent DCEU films, the costume truly embraces Batgirl’s colourful comic book beginnings, including vibrant purples and yellows that decorate most classic representations of the character. With her famous red hair blowing in the wind, Batgirl poses against gothic architecture. Grace’s post, as well as a full-body photo shared by Batgirl co-director Adil El Arbi, may be found below:

Following the conclusion of Ben Affleck’s run as Batman in 2022’s The Flash, Michael Keaton is expected to take over the role in Batgirl. The Flash will also feature Keaton’s Batman for the first time in the DCEU, though it’s unclear how Affleck will pass the mantle to the senior Dark Knight. Whatever the circumstances, Keaton’s elder version of the iconic superhero will undoubtedly distinguish him and his relationship with Barbara from other recent renditions of the role.

Blue Beetle, another film set in the DCEU that was intended to be a streaming exclusive, will now get a standard theatrical release, according to Warner Bros. Unfortunately, Batgirl will not be given the same treatment; it appears that the studio is still unwilling to commit entirely to streaming exclusive superhero films. With filming in Glasgow well underway, the studio has plenty of time to announce one for Batgirl as well.

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