Filming for Supergirl 6 has been rescheduled to allow cast to finish the season together News

Filming for Supergirl 6 has been rescheduled to allow cast to finish the season together

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September 6, 2021

Chyler Leigh, who plays Supergirl, explains that the Supergirl finale’s filming schedule was altered so that all three original stars could end production together. Supergirl premiered on the CW in 2015 and follows the story of Superman’s cousin Kara Danvers.

After delays caused by the pandemic and actor Melissa Benoist’s pregnancy, Season 6 had to be broken into two parts. On August 24th, the last episodes of Supergirl season 6, the final season, began broadcasting.


Kara Danvers must contend with her return to Earth after being trapped in the Phantom Zone in Season 6. Kelly Olsen (Azie Tesfai), Alex Danvers’ (Chyler Leigh) girlfriend, is ready to succeed her brother as Guardian. Winn (Jeremy Jordan) and Mon-El (Chris Wood) are also back this season.

Despite the fact that the Supergirl finale will most certainly run before The Flash’s planned Arrowverse “Armageddon” crossover, Leigh will appear in that episode as well.

Grab Box of tissues, popcorn, tequila for Finale

Chyler Leigh hinted the emotional finale in an interview with TV Line, explaining how the three original stars planned the timetable so they could all wrap at the same time. Melissa Benoist was supposed to finish on her own because the final shot would be an emotional Supergirl speech.

Benoist, Leigh, and co-star David Harewood (who plays Hank Henshaw) made sure they were all able to wrap their arms around each other and appreciate the moment. She also teases that fans should “have Box of tissues, popcorn, tequila… whatever works for you” for the finale.

End Of The Series

One thing to note is the importance of the stars working together to ensure that the show was completed as a whole. Television scheduling can become extremely difficult, especially when COVID-19 protocols are added to the mix (which have already created problems arranging the aforementioned Armageddon crossover on The Flash).

Knowing this, it’s heartening to know that the Supergirl cast struggled to keep their bond alive until the end of the shoot. It’s a powerful symbol for fans that, while the series may be ending, the bond between the characters at its core will remain.