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Kara’s Return From The Phantom Zone is teased in Supergirl Season 6 images

Kara’s return from the Phantom Zone is teased in new Supergirl season 6 pictures. The fan-favorite Arrowverse series is now in its last season, and fans have been waiting for the second instalment since the mid-season finale in May.

“Welcome Back, Kara,” the first of Season 6’s last 13 episodes, is titled “Welcome Back, Kara.” It will premiere on August 24, just a few weeks after the cast and crew of Supergirl celebrated the completion of Season 6.

So far, the current season has moved the characters in new ways, particularly Kara. She spent the first seven episodes stranded in the Phantom Zone, a dark region of space, before being reunited with her friends at the end of the mid-season finale.

She met her father, Zor-El, who she thought was dead in the timeline before Crisis on Infinite Earths, when she was wandering. They were able to flee together, thanks to a Supergirl teaser from May that teased Zor-attempt El’s to blend in on Earth.

Return to National City

As with previous episodes, The CW issued a sequence of 15 still pictures for viewers to chew on in advance of episode 8, which will air later this month. The storyline of the episode is unknown, although it promises to make the most of Supergirl and Zor-“return El’s to National City,” as stated in the official synopsis.

Take a look at the photographs below.

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image 3
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image 8
image 15
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image 11
image 13
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image 14

While Supergirl will be ending after season 6, the planet of Krypton will live on in Superman & Lois, which premiered on The CW in February.

The spin-off series expands on the two major heroes from Supergirl and the numerous Arrowverse crossovers, as well as introducing their teenage sons.

The CW made a wise decision in launching the new show, seizing on Supergirl fans’ desire to spend more time with their favourite superhero family. When the time comes, it should make saying goodbye to Kara, Alex, and the other characters a little easier.

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