Fans Slam Austin McBroom After ACE Family’s Unedited Video Surfaces

The Ace Family has only been getting negative attention for the past few months. The latest video also sparked backlash as their house is rumoured to be up for sale.

The unedited video is titled, Our New Dog Bit Our Baby! **Scary Moment** but fans are displeased with it. Austin McBroom is seen instructing Catherine McBroom on how to end the vlog. However, the video was quickly taken down and the edited version had replaced it.

But the internet had already viewed the initially uploaded video and they found it bizarre how the Youtuber was instructing his wife. Some people recorded the interaction and uploaded the clip separately on social media. The fans were very disturbed to see Catherine being directed by her husband.

The YouTubers have already had a loyal fan base of over 19.1 million subscribers on their channel. This means that whenever the Youtube channel posts a video, they would have their subscribers rushing to watch it. However, it seems to have been accidentally uploaded and we could see Austin instructing his wife on how to end their vlog word-to-word.

Many users found it strange to watch as some even noticed Catherine being afraid of messing up the end of the vlog. This is not the first time the ACE Family has uploaded an unedited vlog. Back in 2020, a vlog which was Catherine’s “day in life” was uploaded to their Youtube channel.

In that video, Austin was seen yelling at his wife before she filmed an upbeat introduction with their daughter. The clip was deleted from the video, however, what goes out on the internet never goes away. A concerned fan had recorded and uploaded the clip on TikTok. The video has gained more than 2.4 million views. Austin was heard swearing in the unedited clip which was not the way they actually are in the family channel.


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