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KSI Asks Austin McBroom To ‘Shutup’ For Suggesting A Logan Paul Vs Bryce Hall Fight

The world of YouTube and Influencer boxing has got no chill! Everyone is trying to hype up fights which have low chances of happening!

Be it the Logan and Silva fight, Jake and Conor, KSI and Adam, Austin and KSI, and what not, all of these fights are being talked about in the online space. But who gets to fight whom? It’s still unclear.

Austin McBroom Wants To Fight KSI

Recently, Austin McBroom revealed that he is eyeing KSI as his next opponent after defeating TikToker Bryce Hall in his last fight.

KSI evidently has got no interest in fighting Austin. However, during the announcement that he wants to fight KSI, Austin McBroom also suggested that Bryce Hall should fight Logan Paul.

What Did KSI Say?

He said “For Logan, get a win, bro. Before you say anything, get a win,” he said. “And like I said, I think Bryce would be a good competition for you, you need a win. So I think if you beat Bryce, then me and you can talk.”

Now KSI has reacted to Austin’s bizzare fixes for boxing matches. KSI said “You got it all wrong, Austin! So you think Logan is gonna stoop down to fight Bryce. Bryce Hall? If, when, he beats Bryce Hall, then he can then fight you or something. That’s assuming Austin, that you beat me. Which is just not going to happen.”

KSI even said ‘Austin, shutup’ to the idea that of 2×2 between the four of them.

Upcoming Fight For KSI

Currently, KSI is scheduled to spar Adam Saleh at a UK gym and things are getting real between the two Internet personalities with each of then taking regular jibes at one another.

Just recently, Adam messaged KSI asking whether he could bring in his camera guy to the gym to record them sparring. To this KSI gave a monotonous reply ‘No Filming’. And Adam Saleh has grabbed this opportunity to humiliate KSI.

What do you think will happen? Will we see a KSI Vs Adam Saleh soon? Tell us which fight are you the most excited about.

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