Fans Request Bilal Abbas Khan To Marry This Pak Actress

Famous in Lollywood industry for dramas like ‘O Rangreza’ and ‘Pyaar Ke Sadqe‘, Bilal Abbas Khan has made his name frequently as ‘Best Emerging Actor’. The Pakistani actor is recently making headlines for his latest drama- Doobara.

Indeed, Bilal Abbas Khan is known for his acting prowess by fans and critics alike. Likewise, his character and acting in Doobara is getting him more fame. However, Bilal is also in notice for his on screen chemistry with Hadiqa Kiani in the same drama.

Bilal and his co-actress Hadiqa Kiani are unique and extraordinary onscreen couple, making waves among public. Their Drama Doobara is garnering fame and success. Recently, singer and actress Hadiqa Kayani also shared her amazing experience of working with fellow actor Bilal Abbas Khan, Hadiqa Kiani appreciated his work, she also posted pictures with him.

Both the Lollywood actors are being lauded as the favorite on-screen couple by fans. So, fans are demanding from this on screen couple to turn into real life couples. Audience really wants to see them together and demand from stars to get married.

Hadiqa also praised her co actor, while Sharing her amazing experience working with Bilal Abbas Hadiqa Kiani wrote, “despite everything else, I just wanted to take a moment to share my experience working with Bilal. There are few people that you connect with from your deeper soul…Bilal is one pure soul that I connected with from my spirit. He’s an honest gentleman and a true artist who understands the core of his craft. I feel truly honored to have worked with him and I look forward to his continued success”.

Public Has An Unusual Demand From Hadiqa Kiani & Bilal Abbas Khan
Public Has An Unusual Demand From Hadiqa Kiani & Bilal Abbas Khan

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