Fans React After SUGA Says BIGBANG Practically Made BTS

SUGA, a member of BTS, has accelerated his solo endeavours by working with singer PSY on the song “That That,” engaging in self-improvement activities including learning the fundamentals of hip-hop, becoming the brand ambassador for Maison Valentino, and presenting his own chat show, “Suchwita.”

Before making his solo debut with “Indigo,” fellow member RM was the first to join the show where visitors could enjoy themselves as the BTS members carried their own beverages. Shin Dong Yup, a well-known MC and TV personality, shared some of his extensive career in the second episode.

Following his chart-topping release with BTS member Jimin, BIGBANG’s Taeyang is now the show’s newest guest on “Suchwita” on SUGA.

SUGA immediately stated his trepidation about having this visitor as his next guest. The BTS member appeared to ask all the questions he had been holding in since he was a child after bowing to him at a 90-degree angle to show his greatest respect.

The “agustd” hitmaker displays his admiration for Taeyang, a singer he claims to having looked up to for years, throughout the whole show. When discussing the Korean music business, he describes BIGBANG as an unmatched act that inspired many and a name that must be mentioned.

Fans React:

One moment in particular which stood out was when Yoongi said BigBang practically made BTS. Fans have been reacting to this statement on social media. While some fans appear upset, others are praising Suga for being so humble even after being a global superstar, more popular globally than BigBang ever was.

taeyang has really a good heart. felt so validated as a vip BUT now i also wanna honor suga for doing so well w our youngbae, how they appreciates their senior here speaks so much volume on who they are as person and as BTS. such a humble ppl and taeyang sees that.”

“Imagine being this humble while being the biggest artist rn….So proud to be a fan of Suga

“Our boys should learn that they can still be humble and still not downplaying their success… they worked hard to be as successful as they are and to achieve the impossible that others can only wish for”

“I still remember binge-watching old BTS clips fanboying so hard to Bigbang. They’re very vocal about how much they admire the group and how they consider them as their role models. I’m glad that my boys remain humble and respectful towards their beloved senior/s”

“Actually, I started following BTS because they were different to other boybands, the same reason I started following BIGBANG. They both have a similar vibes, but unique in their styles.”

“I can’t ever understand why Bt5 members downplay their achievements and boost others… I guess they are just humble.”


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