Fans Go Crazy After Lisa Calls Taehyung “Oppa”; Take A Look At Best V & Lisa Moments From PFW

The appearance of BTS’s V, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and actor Park Bo Gum in Paris for the CELINE Paris Fashion Week show has been one of the most talked-about stories in recent days.

They are three of the biggest stars in Korean entertainment, despite the fact that their combination first seemed strange. Lisa and Taehyung, particularly, boast worldwide fame and acclaim with fans in virtually every corner of the world.

From the very second  they arrived at the airport to go to Paris on a private jet, the three celebrities  had the entire kpop twitter in a chokehold.

But things got more interesting as the real event began and Lisa and Taehyung began to dominate the worldwide trend list on Twitter, with both receiving millions of tweets from fans.

It’s very rare in kpop for BTS and BLACKPINK members to come together, much rarer for them to show up in a picture together. As a matter of fact, it’s so rare that it has actually never happened before. Being from the same industry and both being supremely popular both nationally in South Korea and internationally, they have been together at the same place at the time at variety tv shows and award functions, but none of the bts and blackpink members have posed for a picture together.

That changed yesterday when Lisa, Taehyung, and Bogum’s pictures came out and sent kpop twitter into a total meltdown. It is assumed by many that since blackpink and bts are both the face of kpop, they must be rivals and not like each other, but Taehyung and Lisa proved such people wrong as they interacted with each other at the event and posed for multiple pictures together.

Best Taehyung and Lisa Moments From The Celine Show

Lisa calls Taehyung “Oppa” – which means older brother (term of endearment) in Korean. The clip of this precious moment shared by a Twitter user has amassed astonishing 3 MILLION views.

1 Million Likes For Taehyung, Lisa, and Bogum Picture – The below tweet that features Lisa, Taehyung, and Bogum at Celine Show at PFW is the most viral tweet to come out of the event. It is also the most liked fan tweet from either of the fandoms.

Taehyung and Lisa at Celine After Party – It seems that V and LISA also interacted with each other at the Celine After Party, where they can be seen posting together for the same picture.

Taehyung and Lisa Leaving The Celine After Party – In the below picture, you can see Taehyung and Lisa Leaving The Celine After Party together, with Lisa holding Bogum’s coat in her arms.

Taehyung Vibing To LALISA – V can be seen smiling and grooving as Lisa does her LALISA choreo.

Taehyung and Lisa Finally Interacting – In the below picture, V and Lisa appear to be talking to each other.

V and Lisa Viral Closeup Video

Many fans are still in disbelief that all of this actually, really happened. Let’s hope there are more bangpink moments waiting for us in the future.


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