Fans Call Out Gwen Stefani For Eliminating The Voice Contestant

Fans Call Out Gwen Stefani For Eliminating The Voice Contestant

The Voice on NBC has returned with a new episode on Monday. The Live Playoffs are up ahead after the Knockouts. Contestants of this season are competing with each other for being in the Top 16.

Coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello, and John Legend return to judge the remaining contestants. The contestants who performed first were from Gwen’s team. These teammates who battled with each other included Kayla Von Der Helder, Cara Brindisi, and Justin Aaron.

However, only one of them could move ahead to the next round. Gwen decided to choose Justin after their performances. But fans did not seem happy about her decision and were upset that she chose Justin over Cara. Viewers of the show took to Twitter to express their thoughts.

They were expressing that Cara performed better than Justin and should have won the Knockouts. Many of them criticized Gwen for her decision and said that she made the wrong call. Fans thought Cara had the potential to win The Voice and they shared that Gwen would have used her steal to save Cara.

Usually, there are only two contestants who compete with each other, however, for this season, they decided to change things up a bit. This season also has a steal button for the judges to use. Coaches Gwen, Blake, and Camila have used their steals already.

But even John did not use his Steal for Cara. She sang the rendition of Love me Like a Man by Bonnie Raitt. Gwen had asked Cara to take it up a notch. Cara had added a few high notes and improved her singing.


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