Fans Blown Away With IVE’s Strong Live Vocals At the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards

The year 2022 belongs to IVE, and they intend to end it on a high note. On November 25, 2022, the female group gave a performance at the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards and delighted the audience with their impressive live singing.

A two-minute video of the group singing live on stage with live vocals has approximately a million views on Twitter right now. The girls’ live singing ability is seen in the video. The natural, loud breathing that is picked up on microphones is a key indicator of their live singing.

K-pop fans immediately praised the group for having guts to perform without much of a supporting track. Because of the industry’s strong focus on vocals, even the smallest error might damage a group’s image.

While some online users expressed disapproval, many also noted that K-pop fans who are accustomed to lip-syncing performances could find it strange. They also remarked that the LOVE DIVE singer’s performance perfectly encapsulated the sound of singing while dancing.

“4th gen kpopers are so use to be with lip syncing and the “live vocal” which is basically back tracking that now they are so surprised because ive is sounding different here from the track. obviously they will sound different because its LIVE VOCAL and they slayed it”

After three consecutive viral successes in a single year, it was only logical to expect IVE to dominate award shows. Up November 25, 2022, the group put on a strong performance at the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards. The group’s rendition of LOVE DIVE, among a few others, was much more deserving of acclaim and attracted more notice.

Fans and non-fans alike praised IVE’s LOVE DIVE performance and praised the group’s steady voices. When the After LIKE band’s breathing was audible through their microphones, viewers were confident that they were hearing live singing.


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