Fans Angry After Netflix Cancels Another Lesbian Show, First Kill, After Season One

First Kill, a young vampire drama series on Netflix that is executive produced by Emma Roberts, will not be renewed for a second season, was recently announced. First Kill becomes one of the many wlw shows like I’m Not Okay With This and Everything Sucks, to not get a second season at Netflix.

Netflix often weighs cost vs viewership when deciding whether to renew or cancel a title. Based on Netflix’s Top 10 audience rankings, First Kill, which starred Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis, had a good run

First Kill, which debuted on June 10, debuted in the streamer’s weekly Top 10 for English-language TV series at No. 7 (No. 3 non-Stranger Things title) with 30.3M hours seen in its first three days. With 48.8M hours seen in its first full week of release, it peaked at No. 3, just behind Stranger Things 4 and Peaky Blinders Season 6. It remained in the Top 10 for an additional week before dropping out. In its first 28 days of release, the series rapidly surpassed 100M hours of viewing.

The series reportedly did not reach Netflix’s expectations for viewership and episode completion. All streaming services have had difficulty developing popular adolescent shows; HBO Max just cancelled Gordita Chronicles due to a decline in live-action kids/family original content.

The cast also includes Dominic Goodman, Dylan McNamara, Phillip Mullings Jr., Gracie Dzienn, Elizabeth Mitchell, Aubin Wise, Jason Robert Moore, and Gracie Wise. Through Belletrist Productions, Henderson, who functioned as the show’s creator, executive produced the project with Roberts, Karah Preiss, and Schwab.

Fans React:

The show may have gotten cancelled after only one season, it still managed to develop a strong fan following on social media. Fans have been voicing their anger ever since the announcement.

First Kill, a show that didn’t come from any prior media nor having any major names attached to it, getting cancelled as if it didn’t dominate Netflix’s Top 10 within it’s first month of release is upsetting.”

“Let’s see. Everthing Sucks? Canceled after 1 season. I Am Not Okay With This? Canceled after 1 season. Teenage Bounty Hunters? Canceled after 1 season. First Kill? Canceled after 1 season. Netflix, This is not a good look.”

“netflix is weird as hell for cancelling first kill. a successful wlw show with a black female lead being cancelled after outperforming SEVERAL netflix originals?… what”

“if you’re having a conversation about why First Kill was cancelled don’t forget to mention that Calliope is a darkskin black lesbian lead and nonblacks can deny all they want but Calliope being black especially darkskin plays a huge role its not just bc FK is a lesbian show”

“netflix saying first kill’s cancellation was bc of views not being enough for the cost when they literally gave them a budget of 5 dollars and a juice box and got 100 million viewing hours in return…”

“there was literally no reason to cancel first kill. it had more than 30 million views in its first week and more than 40 million it’s second, it was trending on twitter for weeks before and after it’s release and it was in the top 10 shows in over 80 countries for several weeks”

first kill getting cancelled after doing 100 million PLUS viewing hours… netflix hates lesbians and it shows”

“we’re not comapring first kill with heartstopper we’re comparing how netflix treats mlm-centric shows to how they treat their wlw shows”

“I don’t care if straights thought first kill was too campy/cheesy or had bad cgi, YOU HAVE 100 VERSIONS OF THAT, WE ARE ALLOWED TO WANT A GAY VERSION TOO!! NOT EVERY SHOW HAS TO BE A POETIC CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE”

“the way first kill trended top 10 in the US for like 2 months and it still got canceled.. yeah netflix actually hates wlw that’s insane”


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