Faith Ordway & Bryce Hall Drama Explained As She Accuses Him Of Pressurizing Her

Faith Ordway & Bryce Hall Drama Explained As She Accuses Him Of Pressurizing Her

Bryce Hall, a TikTok content creator, is facing controversy after Faith Ordway, another TikTok content creator, claimed Hall pressed her to kiss him at the end of a Twitch stream. After being urged to terminate their live Twitch session “with a bang,” the two did just that.

Hall, who is 22 years old, said in the video that the two TikTokers were feuding before the Twitch session. He did not, however, give the specifics. Before the Twitch session began, Ordway exited the hot pool (where they were filming).

When asked about the tension between Bryce Hall and Ordway, the latter “got mad over a salty remark,” according to Bryce Hall. He also claimed that “she started it,” alluding to their disagreement.

“Bryce is a trash bag human,” Ordway stated when asked why she departed the live session. She added that she planned on making the Twitch session amusing. Hall’s squad, on the other hand, was taking a different path. Hall insisted on a kiss at the end of the Twitch session.

“she did not want to do anything s*xual for entertainment,” Faith Ordway stated. Because she declined to kiss him, Hall allegedly labelled Ordway a “p**sy.” In addition, the former stated:

“Every girl that’s done it now has a successful career.”

Ordway added the following to his account of the incident:

“I said, ‘I’m successful on my own. I don’t need that.’ He said, ‘No, I meant like, actually successful.’ That’s when I decided to leave.”

Ordway also said she asked the filmmaker to take down the YouTube thumbnail showing her kissing Bryce on the cheek. Hall’s team, on the other hand, refused to comply. The internet roasted Bryce Hall after Faith Ordway’s TikTok video revealed him.

As the internet slammed Hall for forcing Ordway to kiss him, he responded with a tweet:

In response, Bryce Hall made a TikTok video. The former made use of a video of Ordway saying: “Hey homie, I don’t know if I want to come on your stream tomorrow because I don’t want to do anything s*xual for entertainment.”

In his response video, Bryce Hall adds that it is completely understandable. He added a twerking clip of Ordway to a song she had submitted on TikTok.

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