Even after No Way Home, Mysterio can still hurt Spider-Man

While Peter Parker may succeed in reclaiming his secret identity in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Mysterio may still harm Webslinger’s reputation.

While Quentin Beck’s ultimate blow against Spider-Man was to reveal his secret identity to the entire world, even if he manages to reclaim his anonymity by the end of the Homecoming trilogy, the Webslinger may always be seen as a threat and hazard to the public.

Furthermore, while Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has always been recognized as Iron Man’s pupil and an Avenger, having him struggle with the public’s negative perception of him is a classic comics dynamic that Mysterio’s activities may still give even if the world forgets who Spider-Man is.

Mysterio can still hurt Spider-Man

Mysterio had a video doctored before his death in Spider-Man: Far From Home, making it appear as if Spider-Man was the ultimate perpetrator of the London drone attack and Beck’s killer, while also revealing his secret identity to the world in a news report carried by the Daily Bugle. As a result, when No Way Home begins, everyone will know Peter Parker is Spider-Man. As seen in the first trailer, Peter will be compelled to seek the help of Doctor Strange because the general world sees him as a murderer and criminal.

While Doctor Strange tries to cast a spell that will make the world forget who Spider-Man is underneath it all, Peter inadvertently messes it up, as shown in the trailer video, causing multiversal harm to reality. Even if the spell is broken before the end of the movie, there’s still a chance that Mysterio has done significant damage to Spider-reputation.

Man’s (thanks to the biased reporting of the Daily Bugle). It’s possible that the Daily Bugle’s biased reporting will continue, with J. Jonah Jameson maintaining unfounded suspicions of Spider-Man despite Peter Parker’s heroism, even if Peter’s secret identity is restored with reality being adjusted. In this sense, despite Peter’s secret identity perhaps being restored with Strange’s help, Mysterio’s success in damaging Spider-reputation Man’s would still be intact.

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