Eternals Actor’s Management Agency Hints At Sequel

Phase 4 of MCU introduced us to one more group of superheroes called the Eternals. The movie was released last year but didn’t receive a good response from fans. When the trailer came out, people praised its visuals at first glimpse. But after the movie arrived in theatres, the movie didn’t live up to fans’ expectations.

Eternals was rated as the worst movie of the MCU. Its name dropped to the very bottom list of the Marvel movies. Even though many people didn’t like the movie, some still are waiting for its second sequel. So will the new superheroes get another chance in terms of another sequel? Well, the answer is yes. In the past few months, there were many rumors about the second sequel in making.

Recently a big report about the Eternals will be renewed is known. This is not any rumor but is officially released by a management Agency of an Eternals actor. The actor is none other than Ma Dong Seok who plays the role of Gilgamesh in the movie. According to the statement released by his agency, a list of projects that he will be a part of was announced.

Speaking of Eternals, in the statement, it was written that ” Eternals 2 and other global projects he’ll be appearing in are planned to be produced”. This means that we’ll definitely get one more sequel of the Eternals in the future.

About Eternals

They are immortal superheroes who have lived on this earth for thousands of years. The group of Eternals gathers together to protect the world from the bad deviants.


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