Hulk Hogan

Eric Bischoff Explains Hulk Hogan’s TNA Exit Angle

Eric Bischoff has offered his opinion on the divisive Hulk Hogan exit from the TNA. On the Impact Wrestling episode from October 3, 2013, Hogan turned down Dixie Carter’s offer to collaborate on a project. Hogan refused to stay despite Carter’s entreaties to do so. Even as Hogan attempted to exit the stage, Carter grabbed his leg.

Back then, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer claimed that Hogan had creative control over the angle and that it was the only way he would consent to leave it on television. Bischoff refuted the claim on a podcast episode of “83 Weeks.” “I came up with that,” Bischoff said. That wasn’t the Hulk; it was entirely me. I’m being honest with you. It was my concept. I wanted to warm Dixie up. I wanted her to be warm. Hulk was to leave as strong as he could, and I wanted it to make a story. To be honest with you, I currently dislike the idea as much as you do.

Hulk was saying at the time, “I didn’t want any of the TNA stink because he didn’t deserve it.” I didn’t want it on Hulk Hogan; instead, I wanted the stench to be where it belonged. The Hulk wasn’t wearing it. Bischoff went on to say that there had been conversations at the time about Hogan possibly returning to the company in the future. Hogan, he claimed, was in pain at the time, but Carter and “The Hulkster” were close.

Hulk Hogan Confirms He Will Not Be Able To Wrestle Again

The Two Skilled Manpower Trip of Wrestling podcast welcomed “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan on their programme for a quick chat in which they discussed the former WWE Hall of Famer’s career. The Hulkster was asked a series of questions, including one about a possible comeback and whether he would have another battle in the future.

“No,” Hogan said emphatically. “I mean, I’ve had 23 operations in the previous ten years.” You know, I’ve had ten back operations. Both hips and knees are affected. “Forget about it.” The former WWE Champion revealed who he’d like to face today if he could compete again in the ring. His last authoritative recorded match was for IMPACT Wrestling on a tour of the UK in 2012, partnering with “Cowboy” James Storm and Sting. 

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