Emmanuel Almonor AKA Manny McLaren- Remarkable Journey

Entrepreneurship is a field Emmanuel Almonor has pursued with much determination, passion, willpower and perseverance. Also widely known as Manny McLaren, Mr. Almonor is a jack of all trades and nothing pushes him aside from pursuing what he wants.

Almonor has tried his luck in many areas, and his skills and expertise in the business world is incomparable. Emmanuel Almonor AKA Manny McLaren started working at a tender age and undertaking even peculiar jobs like repairing mobiles and other electronics. His desire to excel in all his undertakings has always been his driving force.

Life Story and Entrepreneurship Pursuit of Emmanuel Almonor 

After a few years of working hard and pursuing many job opportunities, his first breakthrough was working at AT&T. He was approached by the company’s manager who said he liked his personality and how he pursues his endeavors.

The manager felt that Almonor will play a great role at AT&T, and especially if he will be working at the sales department. Emmanuel Almonor got the job and after a few months at the company, he was ranked among the top 10 employees. Thanks to his hard work and determination, he was promoted to a store manager and later put in charge of a bigger store.

He went on to achieve the ranks of a multi-store leader, working as the District Training & District manager. Emmanuel Almonor AKA Manny McLaren attests that he learned a lot after working in different managerial positions in the company.

Being a young and ambitious entrepreneur, Manny acquired a lot of knowledge on how to run a business and saved a lot of money from his earnings. However, he didn’t know what to do with his hard-earned money. As luck would have it, his breakthrough came when he met a poker player who seemed to spend a lot of his money gambling. He later learned that the man owned call centers and was running various programs.

He went on to use newly acquired business ideas to open his own call center and left AT&T. Mr. Almonor invested in different businesses from car washes, lawn care, and pre-paid phone stores. Although, he experienced his own ups and downs, he didn’t give up his dream to succeed in the business world.

Career Breakthrough as a Tax Preparer and Record Label Owner

Emmanuel Almonor met another business-minded person, a potential business partner, and learned more about tax preparation business. He went on and got certified by the government and pursued all the courses he needed to open his first tax office.

Mr. Almonor perfected his acquired skills in the field, and with a business partner by his side, they expanded to nine offices. While pursuing a career as a tax office owner, Manny went on to open other business like amazon stores, real estate offices, and daycares.

Thanks to his passion for music, he has gone on to open a music label; Omega Music Marketing. He has worked with reputed artist and producers like Amigos, Young Gambino, and Tyla Yahweh among others.

Entrepreneurship Tips from Emmanuel Almonor 

Emmanuel Almonor AKA Manny McLaren has endured many ups and downs. Giving up has never been his escape route. He has always worked hard to succeed in his endeavors. From his experience, Manny advises many other ambitious entrepreneurs that there is nothing easy in life and there are a lot of obstacles to overcome.

Emmanuel has learned a lot on his journey as an entrepreneur. His keynote tips to succeed in entrepreneurship are;

  • Save more money.
  • Meet and interact with different people.
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Wait for your business openings and
  • Work hard. Give it 100%.

Emmanuel Almonor AKA Manny McLaren further advises aspiring entrepreneurs and business-minded people to be consistent in their undertakings and embrace the social media marketing trend.

Manny goes on to advise business owners to listen to other people, plan and manage time as well as set up short term and long term goals. And they should not forget to be authentic and genuine in their business and life undertakings.