Ember Moon

Ember Moon, A Former WWE Superstar, Claims She Became “Unhappy” Of The AEW Surroundings

Ember Moon lately reminisced about her final days in WWE by drawing locker room parallels with AEW. The 33-year-old celebrity was one of the prominent people released by WWE in late November 2021. While Moon was a huge success on the then-Black and Gold brand, her main roster run was met with disdain, and she was eventually demoted to NXT.

Ember Moon mirrored on her final days in WWE in a new interview, uncovering an assertion that took place as leadership tried to re-sign her. The former NXT Champion attributed her dissatisfaction to AEW’s exciting atmosphere:

They were still trying until maybe August or September of this year. I remember telling you that I would gladly accept the money, but you’ve given me hardly a reason for staying. That was my point of contention with them, I recall. I wanted them to force me to stay, but I saw it all heading on in AEW and thought, “That looks like fun!” Moon stated.

The 33-year-old recounted contacting Dustin Rhodes and being envious of AEW’s perfect environment. I wasn’t observing AEW for the sake of film and I was watching because I was jealous of what was going on there. I remember texting Dustin on event, and the only point he would react with was, Hello Dustin, how are you? He says, We’re having a great time over here. Dustin, I see you! So how are you doing? How’s it going? Don’t force it. And I saw him, my buddy Leva said, ‘I’m having a wonderful time here as well. By seeing how truthful everyone’s happiness was:

The veteran NXT Women’s Champion has restarted her passion for wrestling on the independent circuit after completing her 90-day non-compete clause. She now competes as Athena, her original ring name.

Conversation between Ember Moon and AEW

Ember Moon might follow in the footsteps of other former WWE employees who’ve already found a new home in All Elite Wrestling. Tony Khan and Moon were recently reported to have held preliminary talks in order to reach a potential agreement. According to reports, the company is not willing to sign the 33-year-old veteran.

With the promoter’s women’s division tends to lag behind the men’s and Khan’s penchant for bolstering his roster, fans will not be amazed if The War Goddess signs with All Elite Wrestling in the future. Moon has even hinted that she will appear after Jade Cargill’s TBS Champions league. Given her celebrity, the former could help to round out the firm’s female roster.

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