Elite Social Club CSTM Haus Announces the Arrival of Its Groundbreaking Venture ArkHAUS

Sought-after exclusive social club CSTM Haus is known for its unique concept that expertly combines co-working, entertainment, and networking. The successful venture has already established quarters in New York and Miami and plans to expand to other prime locations across the globe. Recently, the company proudly announced its newest and most exciting concept by far, the ArkHAUS.

It is a private social club located in Miami that sits on top of the water, the very first of its kind in the world. The innovative space features a multi-level, floating villa with sizable outdoor decks, perfect for hanging out, socializing, and even just relaxing. In addition, it has luxurious rooftop lounges that provide a breathtaking view of the ocean. To top it all off, there is a protected pool right in the middle of the four vessels, which ties the whole place together. 

Aside from being the first club that floats on water, what makes the project stand out is the strategic design of its villas which ensures the safety and comfort of everyone on board. Despite appearing like they are floating on water, the vessels are elevated a few inches above it to minimize and eliminate the impact of waves.

In addition, it uses state-of-the-art facilities such as fully electric propulsion and solar roof deck awnings. Not only that, but its modular layout allows a single vessel to be chartered. 

The majestic structure has effectively put its own spin on CSTM Haus’ signature brand of “work by day and play by night.” ArkHAUS embodies a luxurious and productive lifestyle that allows members to “work by land and play by the sea.”

CSTM Haus remains steadfast in its mission of elevating the reputation of social clubs globally. Alongside its groundbreaking ideas, pioneering concepts, and premium amenities, the company organizes events and activities. These gatherings provide its clients with plenty of opportunities to network and enhance their professional and social spheres. 

Because of this impressive commitment to excellence, the company has become the top choice for young individuals who are looking for a premium social club with a great community. In addition, the business caters to a wide range of clientele from individuals in the entertainment industry, such as artists, to people in the corporate world like investors and bankers.

The ArkHAUS membership is currently at its presale stage and is offering highly discounted rates for its annual membership fees. However, only a limited number of slots are available for each tier which is why interested parties are encouraged to sign-up right away to secure their spot. On top of that, the venture is currently holding an exciting NFT bidding that awards the winner with a lifetime membership to ArkHaus.

Given the success of its present ventures, CSTM Haus is gearing up to expand its operations and accommodate more clients. In the future, it plans to open clubs in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, and Istanbul. Learn more about CSTM Haus’ newest project, ArkHAUS, by visiting its official website. You can also check them out on social media through Instagram and Facebook.


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