David Dobrik Impressed By A Fan Girl Who Tattooed His Name On Body News

David Dobrik Impressed By A Fan Girl Who Tattooed His Name On Body

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September 12, 2021

David Dobrik is one of the finest YouTube entertainers on planet earth! It shouldn’t come out as a surprise that he has a huge fan base that is dedicated to his content and loves him immensely!

However, some fans always stand out. Celebrities have these moments when they remember a fan forever because of something unique that the fan does. David Dobrik recently met one such fangirl who, we think, Dobrik will not forget anytime soon.

The fan revealed that she has had a tattoo of David Dobrik’s name on her finger for two years. The YouTuber was surprised and taken aback upon hearing it. His emotions ran wild.

What Was The Point Of It?

David Dobrik met this superfan on the street and filmed a video which is now posted to his official Instagram handle as a story as well.

“This girl has had this for two years,” Dobrik says in the video while showing the tattoo in the inner part of her middle finger.

The YouTuber asks “What was the point of it?” To this the David Dobrik fangirl replies “Because I love you.”

David Dobrik Upcoming Travel Show

David Dobrik has 12 Million followers on Instagram and over 18 Million subscribers on YouTube.

He recently revealed what his new project is going to be – A Travel Show on Discovery +.

He will have a travel series that stars himself as well as other returning castmates from his YouTube channel. The series will debut later this year and will include 10-episodes. “It’s everyone’s dream to be able to travel the world with friends and now I get to do that,” Dobrik says. “I can’t wait.”

The influencer’s new show can possibly be a gambit to find new content and draw in younger audiences.

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