Dwayne Johnson Appreciates Fans and Celebrates Jungle Cruise 2 News

Dwayne Johnson Appreciates Fans and Celebrates Jungle Cruise 2

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Time icon September 3, 2021

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is celebrating about the success of Jungle Cruise and the news that Jungle Cruise 2 will be released. Via July 30, 2021, Jungle Cruise was released in theatres and on Disney+ Premier Access.

The film follows Dr. Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt) as she decides to join the services of skipper Frank Wolff (Johnson) to take her down the Amazon in search of a tree with medicinal properties, which is based on the Disney park riverboat ride of the same name.

Considering its combined theatrical and Disney+ release during the pandemic period, the picture has done unexpectedly well at the box office.

In addition to Disney+ grosses, Jungle Cruise grossed $35 million in its opening weekend, making it one of just five films this year to cross $100 million domestically. Jungle Cruise 2 was announced to be in the works on August 29th, with both Johnson and Blunt returning.

Let’s get this sequel on the road

Following the domestic box office success of Jungle Cruise and the announcement of a sequel, Johnson took to Instagram to express his joy and appreciation to the franchise’s fans.

Johnson highlighted that the picture is one of only a few this year to break the $100 million mark, and he thanked everyone who saw it, whether at a theatre or from the comfort of their own home. “Let’s get this sequel on the road,” he said, expressing his excitement for Jungle Cruise 2.

Take a look at his post below:


Johnson’s reaction

Overall, Johnson’s reaction to Jungle Cruise 2 demonstrates the franchise’s importance to him. After all, given the film’s quick approval and its similarity to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, it’s possible that it may produce several sequels.

If that’s the case, Wolff’s character, Johnson, is best suited to carry on the franchise, given his strong links to the Amazon and vast experience. His joy is obvious, since he has worked tirelessly as an actor over the years to the point where he is capable of directing his own franchise.

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