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Dwayne Johnson Shares New Jungle Cruise Poster To Celebrate Trailer Reaction

Dwayne Johnson has shared a new poster for his upcoming Disney venture, Jungle Cruise. He shared it for celebrating the positive response the film’s trailer received. The adventure film is set to arrive in theatres and via Disney+ on July 30th.

It has been a long-awaited big-budget summer movie. Disney had initially planned to release the film last summer, however, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this did not happen. Being one of Disneyland’s original attraction, Jungle Cruise seems like a strange choice for a film adaptation. The adventure ride is an attraction that takes guests to take a boat ride along with Disney’s interpretation of a jungle setting.

It is then complete with mechanical animals and threats of hostile locals. Fortunately, Disney recently took some steps to remove the ride’s negative cultural associations. Disney had acknowledged that Jungle Cruise’s portrayal of indigenous groups is problematic. This was Disney’s effort in making inclusivity a priority at the theme park and likely for bringing in more attraction. It was surely a much-needed change.

Jungle Cruise has already started teasing what’s in store for audiences but it has been the most recent trailer that has created a lot of buzz around the movie. The reactions have been encouraging. This led The Rock to take to his official social media handle as he helped further the celebration of the film’s trailer. Dwayne posted a new poster for the fans who are praising the latest trailer and it only adds to the adventurous tone of Jungle Cruise.

Jungle Cruise Seems Likely To Turn Into A Franchise

Previous statements from the cast have hinted at the movie is like an Indiana Jones-style venture. However, because of the recent images, clips and trailers, it has not really done any justice to the comparison. But that changed when the latest trailer released and the overwhelming response from the audience that Dwayne speaks about makes sense.

At times, the trailer also feels like an Indiana Jones movie in combination; with some amount of The Mummy and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise added in for a good measure. There have been discourses about the films that can be allowed in theatres; but none of the movies has managed to make such change. Jungle Cruise seems like the sort of movie that audiences would love to watch to go back to the big screen. This is despite its release on Disney+.

Disney surely has big hopes for Jungle Cruise in many ways. And in a lot of ways, it feels like the public is being primed for yet another franchise. The quality of the movie has been bypassed as a criterion for franchise films and it has instead been replaced with the numbers a release can garner in its opening week. With regards to that, the adventure movie is already in a very favourable position.

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