Dusty Rhodes' Gives More Update For Cody’s Return

Cody Rhodes’ Sister Gives More Update For Cody’s Return

Dusty Rhodes, the late WWE Hall of Famer, would’ve been thrilled, according to Cody Rhodes’ sister, if he can just see what’s ahead. Teil Rhodes published an image of Cody and Dusty on Twitter on Sunday, presumably revealing something about Cody’s future. “I knew my old guy best, and I know if he could see what’s next, he’d be beaming with joy,” Teil wrote. 

As of this posting, Rhodes has not replied to the tweet. In February, Cody and his wife Brandi Rhodes abruptly left AEW, surprising the pro wrestling industry. Following weeks of anticipation and speculations, it was announced last week that Rhodes had agreed a deal with WWE and would be returning during WrestleMania 38 Weekend. 

Rhodes is expected to fight Seth Rollins on The Grandest Stage of Them All, but he is also expected to make his return on RAW after WrestleMania. According to reports, Rhodes will be on the RAW roster in the near future. 

Brandi and Cody Rhodes’ departure

Thunder Rosa, the new AEW Women’s Champion, recently said the following about Brandi and Cody Rhodes’ departure from the company. ”To be honest, I was astonished,” Rosa stated. “On a personal level, I admire Cody and Brandi. But, well, people must do what they gotta do, right? I sent them each a note and wrote them a really sweet message. And I was a little upset when they left cuz Cody had always been smiling when I came in, and we had been doing community work along.

“Then he’s the one I approached, it was actually my husband who contacted him, to have me on the community outreach, but it was really nice to see that side of him and his bond with the fans.” Brandi was the same way; she was always like that with heels, and she was always quite active in that area. As a result, whenever people leave, we must be adaptable, as well as some people must fill responsibilities that others have left vacant. So I wish them all the best, and it was absolutely a joy to work with every one of them.”

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