Dr Kshama Chandan shares how you can manage toothache at home amidst the 21-Day lockdown due to COVID-19

The novel coronavirus has become an international concern which has seized the world by its teeth. With having no preventive measures, the only precaution one can take is to maintain social distance and stay home. Despite such an unsafe environment, the real heroes including the doctors, police and others working for essential services are risking their lives for people’s safety. According to the Indian Dental Association (IDA), ADA and Government guidelines, dentists have been advised to carry out only dental emergencies. All non-urgent dental care can wait until things settle down.

Amidst the panic, Mumbai-based smile designer and dentist Dr Kshama Chandan shared some guidelines to manage minor symptoms at home before you can get to a dentist. “Since we are doing everything from home why not try to manage your toothache from home and ‘not panic’ about rushing to the dentist,” said Dr Kshama. Talking about pain management, the doctor stated that over the counter painkillers can help in accordance with the instructions from your dentist. The patients who are tested positive for COVID-19 or are suspected to be COVID-19 positive should take paracetamol in preference to ibuprofen. In case of extreme sensitivity to hot or cold, a sensitive toothpaste like Sensodyne or an anesthetic gel can help in providing some relief.

Sharing how to deal with wisdom tooth pain, she said, “Most flare-ups can be managed with good home care. Make sure you thoroughly clean the area, maintain a soft diet and rinse your mouth with salt and warm water. In case this pain is combined with a swelling you may need antibiotics so contact your dentist for the same. Generally, for elderly patients having trouble with their denture, a denture adhesive like fixon can help to secure a loose denture.” She further added, “A dental emergency is only when you have a toothache that is preventing you from sleeping or chewing, combined with a facial swelling extending to the eye or neck, or a fever that is not managed by painkillers and antibiotics or bleeding due to trauma/a severely broken tooth or a mobile tooth fallen out with pain.”

Sharing some other important tips, Dr Kshama Chandan stated that hands should be washed and sanitized regularly, and social distancing should be maintained at this moment. ”Currently, I am not carrying out any dental procedures until there is no emergency. I would urge people to stay at home and maintain good oral hygiene by brushing twice a day, flossing and using a mouthwash” she added.

Dr Kshama Chandan has pursued her Masters in Advanced Prosthodontics and she runs her private practice at The DentalWorx in Mumbai.
She brings all of her knowledge, passion and talent to her patients, using the latest techniques to artistically transform smiles and make them seamless and harmonious.