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Dizzy Beverage Drink by Tana Mongeau: How to Buy, Release Date, and More

Tana Mongeau is one of the most popular social media celebrities today. She is all geared up for the launch of he own canned drinks compan ‘DIZZY’ on January 26, 2022.

Recently, social media influencers Logan Paul and KSI also launched their own hydration drink company called PRIME. The drink sold out in less than four hours after launch and later on, it was listed on the secondary market like eBay and Amazon for 5x the original price.

Official Drop Time of Dizzy Drink

It seems like its not Tana Mongeau’s turn to repeat the craze. The Dizzy drink will officially drop tomorrow (January 26) at 12PM PT / 8 PM GMT, on the official Dizzy website.

Taking to her Instagram, Tana Mongeau posted multiple picture of her drinking DIZZY beverage and captioned it “R U READY FOR @drinkdizzy TO DROP IN 2 DAYS?”

How To Buy Dizzy Drink?

According to the official DIZZY website and Instagram account, the drink is “canned wine that’s a little bit wild.”

To buy the drink, one must be over the age of 18. The Dizzy website will ask for age verification from all the customers. It truly fits the tagline “are you old enough to get dizzy?”

So far, Tana Mongeau has not announced any retail presence for her DIZZY Beverage. The only place where you can grab one is going to be on the official Dizzy website.

Fans of Tana Mongeau are eagerly waiting for the drop and if the stock at launch is limited, many would remain waiting for some more time because there is a very high likelihood of Dizzy selling out on the day of launch.

Meanwhile, we also covered how you can buy the PRIME Hydration Drink, its reviews, prices, and more. Feel free to check that out.

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