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Crypto Sis NFT Collection of Lana Rhoades: How to Buy, Whitelist, and More

The NFT craze is here to stay. With each passing day, more and more influencers are jumping on the digital art and NFT bandwagon and the latest celebrity to hop on to the trend is Lana Rhoades. The former adult-actress and businesswoman Lana is launching her very own Crypto Sis NFT collection.

This is a comprehensive guide regarding everything that you should know about the Crypto Sis NFT that goes on pre-sale today, January 20th.

What Is Crypto Sis NFT?

It is an NFT for the loyal fans of Lana Rhoades. The owners of Crypto Sis NFT will own unique art pieces designed by the star and would also be eligible to get exclusive access to her content, lifestyle, and more.

The collection has 10,000 unique tokens that are based on the Ethereum blockchain. The owners of the Lana Rhoades NFT will be getting different NFT art pieces with varying outfits, costumes, expressions, and tons of different details to the art.

One lucky owner of the NFT will also get a chance to go on a tour to South Africa with Lana Rhoades.

How To Buy Lana Rhoades’ NFT?

Currently, the NFT project has not yet hit the secondary market when one can freely buy and sell the NFTs. At the time of writing this article, the Crypto Sis NFT is scheduled to open a pre-sale in the next sisx hours.

The whitelist of the project is ready (available on the official Discord) and the pre-sale for Lana Rhoades’ NFT will begin on January 20, 2022 at 3pm Central Time.

When the minting begins, the members who have been selected for the whitelist should head over to the official Crypto Sis NFT website, connect their metamask wallet, and begin minting.

The project isn’t available on OpenSea, the dominant NFT marketplace of today’s time just yet. However, the Discord sever of Crypto Sis says that the collection would soon go live on Opensea and people can buy and sell the collection then!

Social Presence

The official discord of Crypto Sis NFT has more than 150,000 members at the time of writing this article. The project has also already started receiving support from fellow creators of Lana Rhoades, including Mike Maljak, Mia Malkova, and more.

Lana’s ex-Boyfriend Mike Maljak will also be making an appearance in the Discord at 2pm for some food reviews. Logan Paul isn’t shying away from being associated with the project too.

Lana Rhoades has been promoting her NFT aggressively via TikTok. One lucky winner.

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