Corinna Kopft Calls Hasan Abi ‘So Hot’ In Mizkif’s Twitch Chat

Mizkif is one of the most talented streamers on Twitch. He is known for his interactive and engaging streams that keep the audience hooked.

Recently, the streamer received a donation in his chat from Corinna Kopft, who usually tunes in to Mizkif’s Twitch streams. But guess what? The message with the donation did not sit well with Mizkif this time.

While Mizkif and Corinna Kopf are pretty jolly with one another and regularly share the stage together as well, Corinna’s donation to Mizkif’s streak with the message “God, Hasan is so hot” made Mizkif thinks that it wasn’t the real Corinna.

Mizkif Reaction

Mizkif immediately reacted after seeing the donation and the message calling HasanAbi ‘so hot’:

“You’re f**king serious? This is not the real Corinna Kopf.” He then navigates to the users profile who he thought was masquerading as Corinna. However, to Mizkif’s surprise, it was the real account of Corinna Kopft with over 450,000 followers. This is when Mizkif gave his commentary on the whole situation. Here is what he said:

“Oh, it is. Do you like to be talked down to? Is that what you like, you stupid b***h? Alright, is that it?”

Meanwhile, HasanAbi saw the clip of Mizkif’s reaction the same day as well. He faked a British accent and said “Oh man, that’s a bummer alright.”

The pair have been engaged in back-and-fourth teasing and trolling one another online and Corinna Kopf took the opportunity to add fuel to the fire, while she can.

Twitch To YouTube Gaming

Mizkif recently talked about him having no plans of quitting Twitch for YouTube gaming.

“I don’t know. I’m never going to say the door is not open,” Mizkif said about moving to YouTube Gaming initially. But then he seemed ti his mind. “I love the culture of Twitch. Until that fades or is at a point where I believe it’s not good, I don’t think I would leave.”

“If I had an ecosystem to work with, I would be much more willing. I totally would switch over. But until that ecosystem is there, I do not see myself wanting to leave here. Because the reality is I am so Twitch-oriented.”

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