Chris Pratt Praised For Taking Stand At Woke Critics Who Rate Shows On Agenda

Chris Pratt Praised For Taking Stand At Woke Critics Who Rate Shows On Agenda

TV shows and movies used to be purely for the purpose of entertainment. However, eventually, with time, many studios turned it into projects with political agendas. The major goal of these movies has mostly been to educate viewers about these situations but there is a definite thin line between just educating people and pushing out agendas to manipulate them.

We are witnessing for a few months that there have been arguments about TV shows being ‘woke’. But shows like YellowStone and Tokyo Vice have done the opposite and got huge viewership. Yet another show that creates a gap between how viewers are engaging with it and what critics think is ‘The Terminal List’.

The show stars Chris Pratt and revolves around a Navy SEAL, James who comes home after his crew is ambushed in a mission. However, he starts finding pieces of pieces of evidence about what went wrong which only proves things are worse than he thought.

The show had mixed reviews and few were saying that it is “hopelessly boneheaded”. But the majority of the viewers are appreciating the show and have given positive reviews. Chris Pratt is also having fun with it as he trolls these “woke” critics.

The actor took to his Instagram account to share an article that read,  “Chris Pratt’s new Navy thriller ‘The Terminal List’ defies woke critics’ scathing reviews to shoot up rating chart with 1.6 billion streams.” After some time, the actor shared a photo of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. He plastered it with the photo with the number of times viewers have seen the show.

Creator Jack Carr Also Defended The Show

As per reports, it was revealed recently that the show has taken the second position on Nielsen’s Top 10 streaming chart. They garnered a total of 1.6 million minutes during the July 4-10 week. His reaction was appreciated on social media and his show was also praised. A user thanked him for making The Terminal List as it is significant at this time.

Another user said it is a great series and they revealed they have PTSD but it is worth it. Yet many other users appreciated the show and said there’s nothing “anti-woke” about the show. While fans also shared how his reaction was incredible as well.

Not only Chris but also the show’s creator Jack Carr responded to critics slamming the show. He shared that the show is being slammed because there is nothing woke that’s forced into it. The creator further added that it’s not promoting the agenda critics want so they will hate it. He also said, “We don’t mention right, left, conservative, liberal, none of those things are even mentioned.”

So far, the Amazon show has a rating of 39% on Rotten Tomatoes but the audience rating is 94% which means the show is being liked by everyone.


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