Chris Hemsworth Sets The Record Straight About Leaving Thor Behind

Natalie Portman would be wielding the iconic hammer in the next Thor movie, releasing in 2022. Fans are wondering what that means for Chris Hemsworth who gained global recognition with the character of Thor.

In an interview for Poland’s Elle Man, Chris put the speculation to rest and confirmed that he would not be retiring from his iconic character after Thor: Love and Thunder.

When asked about retiring from his character to our delight, Chris seemed to think that it was a crazy thing to be thinking. He said he would not be retiring anytime soon. The actor said his character is far too young to be doing that. Chris said, “Thor is far too young for that. He’s only 1,500 years old. It’s definitely not a film that I say goodbye to this brand. At least I hope so.”

The upcoming movie of Thor has already started production in Australia. Natalie has already touched down to start filming the next part, Thor: Love And Thunder. Chris opened up about the story and revealed it is one of the best stories he has read in years. He expects it to be a huge hit among fans and reveals how this would be Taika Waititi’s best direction.

The actor said, ” If the version I read is the one we get running with, it’s going to be pretty insane.” The movie is the fourth installment of the Thor franchise. It would once again bring back Chris with Natalie and Tessa Thompson and it will also feature Christain Bale.

Natalie will be playing The Mighty Thor in the highly anticipated Marvel Studios movie. The Oscar-nominated actress revealed last year in Comic-Con that she will be reprising her role as Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder. 

Chris opened up about the slow pace of life amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, he revealed he wanted ‘stillness’ in his life for many years, which the pandemic has allowed him to have.

The actor said, “Not to diminish by any means the challenges that are occurring, the absolute uncertainty; the anxiety that is happening in the world; but for me personally, and to that question, it’s (created) a forced sort of meditation and forced sort of stillness that I haven’t been able to dive into like I’ve wanted to for many years.”

Further talking about the upcoming Thor movie, he joked it is going to be a lot of love and a lot of lightning. The actor said he is thankful to still be a part of Marvel Universe as Thor. Especially after everything that happened in Avengers: Endgame.

He added, “Of course, I can’t tell you anything about the plot, but to satisfy your curiosity; I’ll say that I had a lot more fun reading the script than on “Thor Ragnarok”, and that proves something because this movie was brilliant.”

Chris also said he only knew about the kind of stress he was in when the pandemic started and the stress went away. He said all the shooting and giving his 110% in every movie, has a very strong impact on the psyche. The Extraction actor explained, “Which I noticed only now when this stress disappeared because I hadn’t recorded anything for several months. I didn’t have to… Well, except maybe being the best father in the world.”


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