Choi Wooshik & BTS Taehyung Invited For The VIP Premiere of Park Seojoon’s New Movie Dream on April 24th

The VIP premiere of Park Seojoon’s new movie “Dream” is scheduled for April 24th, and fans are wondering if his close friends Choi Wooshik and BTS Taehyung will join him on the red carpet. The movie is a comedy-drama about a team of misfits who participate in the Homeless World Cup, an annual international soccer event. Park Seojoon plays Yoon Hongdae, a former soccer star who becomes the coach of the team after a drunk driving accident.

Choi Wooshik and Taehyung are part of the famous Wooga Squad, a group of celebrities who share a close friendship and often hang out together. The other members are Park Hyungsik, Peakboy, and Park Seojoon himself. The squad has shown their support for each other’s projects in the past, such as by attending movie premieres, concerts, and award shows.

However, Park Seojoon revealed in a recent interview that he is not sure if Choi Wooshik and Taehyung will be able to attend the premiere of “Dream”, as they are both very busy with their own schedules. Park Seojoon said that he invited them, but he will have to wait until the same day to find out if they can make it.

“I invited them, but since they are so busy, I don’t think we’ll know if they’ll attend until the same day.”

Fans are hoping that the Wooga Squad will reunite at the premiere of “Dream”, as they always enjoy seeing their interactions and chemistry. They are also excited to see Taehyung‘s stunning fashion choices, as he has impressed everyone with his style and charisma at previous movie premieres. He has attended the VIP screenings of “The Divine Fury” and “Broker” in the past.

“Dream” is set to be released in theaters on April 26th. It is directed by Lee Byeong-heon, who previously worked with Park Seojoon and Choi Wooshik on the hit film “Extreme Job”. It also stars IU, Lee Hyunwoo, Go Changseok, and Kim Jongsoo.

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