cheerUPDATES Shatters 3 Common Misconceptions About Competitive Cheerleading

Largely misunderstood, competitive cheerleading is a sport that is surrounded by misconceptions. According to cheerUPDATES, it is crucial to burst these myths so that people can gain a proper understanding of the sport.

cheerUPDATES was created to bring cheerleading accessibility and transparency to the masses. Doug “DJ” Yeager believed that cheerleading should be understood beyond stereotypes. With cheerUPDATES, Yeager and Marly Lopez began reporting on cheer routines and breaking down information into bite-sized packets that can be shared across social media platforms.

Since then, cheerUPDATES has been busting common misconceptions about competitive cheerleading and highlights the three most prevalent ones:

  • Cheerleading is not a sport

Despite being recognized as such, many people are still playing catch up, with most viewing competitive cheerleading as a hobby. Cheerleaders are athletes who spend a lot of time perfecting their craft, risking injuries, and trying to outdo their competitors. cheerUPDATES sets the record straight by stating that cheerleading is a sport and must be recognized as such.

  • Cheerleading is a female-only sport.

This is another widespread misconception that cheerUPDATES is combatting. Male cheerleaders have been labeled gay, with stereotypes discouraging people from taking part for fear of being labeled. cheerUPDATES explains that cheerleading should be viewed as a sport that anyone is welcome to participate in and has nothing to do with sexuality.

  • Cheerleading is to impress guys.

Gone are the days when cheerleading was considered an excuse to stand on the sidelines at sporting events. Competitive cheerleading is about skill and professionalism. Cheerleaders put themselves through gruesome training modules to become the best. cheerUPDATES explains that the intricate cheer routines require a lot of discipline to achieve the level of perfection seen at competitions.

cheerUPDATES is committed to continuing efforts to ensure that the narrative around competitive cheerleading changes. By providing factual information about the sport, cheerUPDATES is shattering misconceptions around the sport one at a time.

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