Checkout Public Reactions To BABYMONSTER Chiquita’s Introductory Vocal Performance

Fans are getting more and more excited as YG Entertainment subsequently unveils BAEMON members with introductory performance videos. YGE announced its third girl group three weeks ago with a video titled “YG NEXT MOVEMENT”. It was revealed that the group will be called BABYMONSTER and that unlike YG’s previous GGs it will not have just four members. Instead, the group will consist 7 members: Ruka, Prita, Asa, Ahyeon, Haram, Rora and Chiquita.

The 15-year-old Haram was the first BAEMON member to be officially introduced. Ahyeon was the second. YG also posted a dance performance video with members Ruka, Haram, Asa, Rora, and Ahyeon. Chiquita is the most recent BABYMONSTER member to receive an introduction. The third individual member, Chiquita, who is introduced in the clip as a trainee from Thailand, is featured in the new video. She performs a song at the age of 13, showcasing her strong voice.

Fans React:

“I know she was a trainee for 1 year and 6 months, wow with such good talent.. YG where did you find a girl with amazing talent… I’m so excited to debut BabyMonster”

“Her stage name just represents her angelic voice and soft graceful visual. Can’t wait for baemon to debuting.”

“I Love How People Are Complimenting How Talented Chiquita is, more than just Seeing her visual. Thats what should be Normalized in the Kpop Industry”

“I really love how yg always has that “one” who has an angelic voice in each of their groups.”

“Ridiculously good for a 13 year old. She is going to be a superstar for as long as she wants to be.”

“WOWW SHE IS LITERALLY SOO YOUNG AND HER VOICE IS MESMERIZING, her singing technique is soo impressive”

Chiquita is also lovingly referred to as Canny by fans. She is one of the three Thai idols at YG along with Lisa of BLACKPINK and Prita of BABYMONSTER. She is the sister of Copper Dechawat from The Star Idol and 789 TRAINEE.


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